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Aims & objectives

People with disabilities represent about one-sixth of the overall EU working-age population. Some of them are bedridden individuals needing 24-hour care for whom the EU promotes social and inclusion provisions. The carers of bedridden individuals try to provide the best care for them in an informal manner, but their life conditions are also very hard: most of the time the carers themselves are forgotten patients.

TrPSoT aims to increase the life quality of both patient and carer, promote patient safety as recommended by the EU Health Strategy 2008–13, and decrease the carer’s burden by providing support, training and psychological counselling. In turn this will positively affect the group for which carers care, namely bedridden disabled individuals.

The project’s activities will include some basics for the care of persons supervised by carers, to help in their daily lives and in coping with situations they find stressful. In addition the project’s activities will provide carers with opportunities for group and individual therapy and counselling sessions in which they will learn how to relax and enjoy their lives and how to support their hobbies and lifestyles in order to better serve the individuals for whom they care. Sharing knowledge, experience and best practice at European level will be instrumental in the future sustainability of professional support issues.

TrPSoT aims to:

  • Raise awareness of the forgotten patient: the carer
  • Raise awareness that carers need attention, in groups who are in contact with the carer (healthcare personnel)
  • Create awareness in the carer that stresses and problems they face can be overcome through intervention
  • Provide support to the carer in looking after the bedridden individual by creating opportunities for training and therapy
  • Create assessment materials to test the quality of life and care burden of both the carer and the bedridden disabled individual
  • Test the quality of life and care burden to identify where there is need for support
  • Create materials that can be used to teach some basic skills and publish them on the project website as guidance for carers both in regard to caring for their patient and themselves (physical, psychological, social)
  • Provide support groups and/or one-on-one therapy options for the carer
  • Provide a social network for the carer
  • Disseminate research into best practice in the field

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